Grand Prairie and Kickstart Kids

Kickstart Kids Launches Two New Programs in Grand Prairie ISD

Kickstart Kids is excited to kick off two new programs for the 2019-2020 school year in Grand Prairie Independent School District. GPISD's vision statement, "We are a learning community vigorously pursuing student success" aligns well with Kickstart Kids' mission of teaching character through karate.

The addition of Young Men's Leadership Academy at Kennedy Middle School and William B. Travis World Language Academy are in conjunction with a partnership with One Community to incorporate weekly participation of a first responder into the Kickstart Kids classroom creating an environment for positive interaction, better understanding and trust. The strategic partnership is designed to enhance mutual respect between students, their families and first responders to ultimately create safer schools and communities.

Kickstart Kids and Grand Prairie ISD
Both campuses will deliberately layer the unique KSK Values Curriculum within the physical martial arts training to equip students to make positive choices under pressure so that they can be successful in all aspects of life.

Kristen Savala is the instructor at Young Men's Leadership Academy. Mrs. Savala is a Second Degree Black Belt and has been teaching at Kickstart Kids since 2013. Bianca Tonche is the instructor at Travis World Language Academy. She is a Second Degree Black Belt and proud alumni of the Kickstart Kids program. GPISD and KSK

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