2019 Kickstart Kids Black Belts

Congratulations to Our Newest Black Belts of 2019

We are excited to welcome a new class of martial artists who have achieved the rank of Kickstart Kids Black Belt and congratulate those that have advanced their Black Belt ranks this year.

2019 Kickstart Kids Black Belts
Kickstart Kids students and instructors tested for their new ranks at Lone Wolf Ranch on Friday, May 17 in front of Kickstart Kids founder, Chuck Norris, and other testing board members including Kickstart Kids Regional Directors and Chief Director of Operations, John Kurek

2019 Kickstart Kids Black Belts
Seven were honored with new belts from Kickstart Kids, and two also received advancement in the Chuck Norris System which is presented by United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF). Below are the individuals that advanced along with their ranks and schools. 

  • Matthew Garza (Frank Black MS Instructor) 3rd Degree CNS and 4th Degree KSK
  • Julianna Holmes (Lady Bird Johnson MS Instructor) - 4th Degree KSK
  • Jason Chartouni - (Central Texas Regional Director) - 3rd Degree CNS 
  • Bianca Tonche (Kickstart Kids Student) - 2nd Degree KSK
  • Jensi Campos (Kickstart Kids Student) - 3rd Degree KSK
  • Jordan Gutierrez (Kickstart Kids Student) - 2nd Degree KSK
  • Swayamveer Singy (Kickstart Kids Student) - 2nd Degree KSK

2019 Kickstart Kids Black Belts
Then on Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2, twenty-eight students were back at Lone Wolf Ranch to advance to their 1st and 2nd Degree Black Belts in front of the Kickstart Kids testing board, which included Mr. Norris and his two children Danilee and Dakota, who are both 3rd Degree Black Belts.

2019 Kickstart Kids Black Belts
Kickstart Kids instructors Chelsea Clark, Derek Gutierrez, Rigo Cardenas, Roy White, Tracy Armstead, Ben Mendez, Levi Turner, Wayne Nguyen, Amanda Meisner, and Jonathan Gartmann were all in attendance to congratulate students on their accomplishment. Earning a Kickstart Kids Black Belt requires years of dedication and training. Additional students earned their Black Belts this year, but did not test at this event. We are immensely proud of each and everyone one of our students.

Students that advanced on June 1 and June 2 are listed below.

1st Degree Black Belts

  • Joseph M. - Hogg Middle School
  • Liliana B. - Hogg Middle School
  • Yolanda P. - Burbank Middle School
  • Kennedy J. - Burbank Middle School
  • Anna R. - Meyerland Middle School
  • Elena R. - Meyerland Middle School
  • Paul G. - Meyerland Middle School
  • Trevor H. - Garcia Middle School
  • Jeancarlo Q. - Hodges Bend Middle School
  • Samantha R. - Dulles Middle School
  • Catherine L. - Dulles Middle School
  • Jamee F. - Dulles Middle School
  • Brandon C. - Dulles Middle School
  • Rebeca S. - Navasota Junior High
  • Hunter H. - Navasota Junior High
  • Lillian M. - Navasota Junior High
  • Donovan R. - Park Crest Middle School
  • Evan T. - Kelly Lane Middle School
  • Connor B. - Kelly Lane Middle School
  • Herlinda C. - Stevenson Middle School
  • Edwin A. - Stevenson Middle School

2nd Degree Black Belts

  • Jordan G. - Garcia Middle School
  • Larissa D. - Dulles Middle School
  • Christina S. - Dulles Middle School
  • Ariel K. - Dulles Middle School
  • Sravya N. - Dulles Middle School
  • Nickolas H. Jr - Navasota Junior High
  • David Y. - Navasota Junior High

2019 Kickstart Kids Black Belts

2019 Kickstart Kids Black Belts

2019 Kickstart Kids Black Belts

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