Black Belt Testing

Students, Instructors Earn Black Belts from Grandmaster Norris

On Saturday, December 15th, 2018 a group of 12 Kickstart Kids students and instructors had the extraordinary honor of testing for their new Black Belt ranks in front of the organization's founder, Chuck Norris.

The group performed in-front of Mr. Norris along with Kickstart Kids leadership and special guests that made up the unique testing board.

Black Belt Testing
The 1st Degree Black Belt Testing Board consisted of Mr. Norris, John Kurek (KSK Chief Director of Operations), Sonia Moreno-White (KSK Regional Director), Derrick Stinson (KSK Regional Director), and Mr. and Mrs. Norris' children, Danilee and Dakota who are both 3rd Degree Black Belts. 

The Advanced Black Belt Testing Board was made up of Mr. Norris, Mr. Kurek, Mrs. Moreno-White, and Mr. Stinson. 

Black Belt Testing
Congratulations to everyone honored at this special occasion. Recipients listed below.

  • Sydney B.- 1st Degree - Meyerland Middle School
  • Adrian P. - 1st Degree - Davila Middle School
  • Eric K.- 1st Degree - Davila Middle School
  • Tonatiuh E. - 1st Degree - Hamilton Middle School
  • Evan Lamar F. - 1st Degree (UFAF Black Belt) - Hogg Middle School
  • Adriana H. - 1st Degree - Dulles Middle School
  • Ana N. -1st Degree - Stevenson Middle School
  • Maria S. - 1st Degree - Stevenson Middle School
  • Cristal M. - 1st Degree - Black Middle School
  • Nick Moncada - 4th Degree - Stevenson Middle School
  • Chantal Jackson - 3rd Degree - Stevenson Middle School, (Instructor at Navarro MS)
  • Yael Acosta - 3rd Degree - Frank Black Middle School

Black Belt Testing

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