Kickstart Kids Update

Our students need a supportive community more than ever and we are doing all we can to stay closely connected with them. Although our physical classrooms are empty, our instructors are still teaching character and resiliency through martial arts to empower our students with the tools and support to persevere through these uncertain times.

In partnership with our many school districts, we are using video conferencing technology to create normal interactive learning environments; producing new, belt-specific martial arts training videos that can be accessed anytime online via secure channels to supplement virtual classroom training; and adapting our values curriculum to more effective online formats.

We remain committed to doing everything we can to maintain stability and consistency, encourage positive social-emotional well-being, foster strong relationships based on trust and responsibility, and be the difference to change students’ lives.

During these trying times we know that many of you are not in a position to give and we understand. For those still able to give, please consider making a donation to support character through karate at

2018 Year in Review

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