Black Belts and Grads: KSK Students Take Their Next Step

As we wrap up this challenging year, Kickstart Kids alumni and students are celebrating many milestones - new black belts, high school graduations, and exciting college futures. Through the Kickstart Kids program, these students have garnered important character-building blocks and tools to conquer life's challenges with tenacity, and build a better life.

One of the most prestigious goals within the martial arts community is obtaining your black belt. The black belt represents years of hard work, dedication, and discipline. Pictured below, Navasota Junior High alumni David Yorek and Nick Hernandez, both second-degree black belts, proudly displayed their black belts, along with their graduation gown regalia to represent the sacrifice and time it takes to obtain both a black belt and a high school diploma.


Our students continue pushing themselves through this challenging year and achieving their black belt goals. Travis Middle School Instructor, Mr. Smedley, shared one of his student's story noting "Jinayah was a remote learner all year long, and still managed to pass this test!" Pictured below is Jinayah sporting her hard-earned black belt.

JinayahBB for newsletter.png

As one chapter closes, another opens…Heinrich Gonzalez began his Kickstart Kids journey at Paul Revere Middle School when the program first launched on that campus. Now we proudly wish him all the best as he moves on to the University of Texas in Austin to study Business. Heinrich recently wrote to his first instructor Brandon McRae to thank him:

"I wouldn't have had the diligence to achieve anything in high school if it weren't for the important values I learned through YOU."


Through Kickstart Kids’ layered methodology of character building values curriculum within demanding physical conditioning, we know our students will be successful as they begin their next chapters. Congratulations to all of our students and alumni who have worked tirelessly this past year to achieve their goals and dreams.

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