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As we all continue to navigate the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, 

Kickstart Kids remains committed to delivering high-quality martial arts training and character-building lessons inside public schools to empower youth with character, resiliency, and community. Kickstart Kids is adhering to current CDC and TEA guidelines and following district and school protocols and procedures as we update our curriculum, instructional approach and training methods to ensure safe learning environments for the upcoming school year.

The KSK Virtual Academy will include synchronous virtual learning environments and a continuously updated library of martial arts training videos, values curriculum content, lesson plans, and instructional resources that can be accessed anytime online by instructors and students.

Making an Impact in a Virtual Environment

Martial arts instruction is effective in a virtual environment because it is a structured, guided workout that can be practiced almost anywhere without the need for special equipment or teammates. Through the KSK Virtual Academy students can connect with their instructor and peers in a fun, positive environment.

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Our Founder's Vision

Within every child is the power to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. Following in the vision of our founder Chuck Norris, we believe that power can be unlocked through the martial arts. Since our inception, Kickstart Kids has impacted the lives of more than 105,000 students.

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Ways to Support Character through Karate in Public Schools

“It helps to give me something to do and takes my mind off the bad stuff that is happening in the world right now.”

Student, Remote Learning Survey

“Kickstart Kids has allowed me to stay active and get exercise during this time. I have also been reminded of important lessons through the values curriculum that I can reflect on during this time.”

Student, Remote Learning Survey

“My son’s Kickstart Kids classes were the ONE thing he didn’t have to be forced to do during distance learning.”

Parent, Remote Learning Survey

"It has impacted me by showing me how this rough time can be do-able, and how I can learn from this experience."

Student, Remote Learning Survey

"Kickstart gave me something to look forward to next year and have something to think about/do."

Student, Remote Learning Survey

"It has impacted me to have more discipline in myself during this time and be responsible for what I have to do for school and home."

Student, Remote Learning Survey

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