Summer Karate

June 14, 2021, 8 a.m. - June 30, 2021, noon
713 868 6003

Kickstart Kids offers optional, free summer sessions to current middle school students as well as high school students who were formerly in the KSK core program. The summer training opportunity, led by the same instructor, provides constant stability and mentoring consistency, and keeps students engaged with a healthy peer group. The ongoing experience reinforces the Kickstart Kids values curriculum and enables students to continue working towards achievement of their next belt rank. The four week session is offered four days/week for three hours, broken into one hour classes per level. Many factors contribute to student participation including personal commitment, parental accountability, and transportation. Students who are most dedicated to working towards achievement of their black belt are generally the ones who utilize the extra time. At this time, KSK instructors are working with each partner school to determine campus participation for the summer of 2021.

Classes are Monday through Thursday. NO FRIDAYS!

Contact your instructor for more info.